"A Big Relief Came Over Me When Michael Said, 'Penny, It's Not Your Fault!'"

Penny Dude
MLM Success Story

I live on the east coast of Canada in Ammon New Brunswick, just outside of Moncton. I work full time outside the home as a Office Manager and I work any where from 40-50 hours a week. The people I work with are all pretty amazing and are very caring and loving. I love what I do and that is why I am there.

So I came into network marketing about 4 years ago from an ad I saw in our local newspaper. You can make $5000 a month. Let me find out about it. I was at that point, working as an office manager of a Carpet, Upholstery Cleaning and looking after a Telemarketing office in the same building and I was at a total standstill in my life. No chance of advancement.

But that job served the purpose I needed. My middle daughter Danielle was in and out of hospitals most of her life. I needed to be able to leave my job at the blink of an eye if I needed to and be gone for anywhere from a few hours up to two weeks at a time. My boss and job allowed me to do this. But Danielle got better (thank the Lord) and did not require this anymore. I am a mother of three beautiful daughters Jennifer 24, Danielle 21 and Candice 11.

But I also wanted more in life, and I wanted a secure financial future. I have been in Network Marketing for over 4 years now. As most people starting out, I really had no idea how to build a network marketing company because I did not really know anyone who had built one. I had tried to build two companies but was getting nowhere. Then I was offered this ebook called "Success in 10 Steps", and I could not put it down, it just made so much sense to me why I was not successful.

I had a three way call with Michael Dlouhy. I listened to what he had to say and heard him tell me "Penny it is not your fault." This big relief came over me then when he offered free training calls, so I could learn the skills and get some knowledge I needed. I have been with Mentoring for Free for over two years now and my learning has never stopped.

Michael has always been there for me and everyone else who wants to truly have success. There are 10 training calls a week to learn new skills all the time, learning how to focus, how to speak to people, and you learn from many leaders from around the world. The one call that really has changed my life is the 30 Day Mental Cleanse that is held every Wednesday. We read the book Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. We learn to shut off the chatter and focus only on the positive to push all negativity away. For my personality it was a must.

The training, the skills the knowledge I have recieived from Mentoring for Free is priceless and it is all for Free. Thanks Michael for all you do.