Doug & Kathy Karnuth
MLM Success Story

Minnesota - When we first started in MLM we did everything wrong, trying to build our business. We went for the 100 No's. We chased family and friends ... away. We purchased leads, then purchased better leads, and then purchased the best leads. Over $8,000.00 later, we had little to show for it. Today, we are not making a dime on any of those leads, not even the really good ones. None of it worked.

Can you make money in MLM with leads? Sure. Here's the secret; build a downline, and send them all your affiliate link to buy leads. Tell them they MUST buy leads to be successful. A lot of them will believe you, and you'll make a pretty nice affiliate income from that. Of course, your downline will lose money, because leads do not work.

We understand now why people do this. They don't have a system that works, and they hope leads will work. So the easiest solution is for you to buy leads - which pay them a commission. And if that doesn't work, it must be your fault.

A few years ago, we had success in conventional brick and mortar businesses. It took a ton of hours and hard work to keep it going and growing. When we found Network Marketing, it looked easy. Just find a couple like-minded people, then sit back and collect the checks.

WOW! We quickly learned how wrong that was. We knew there had to be a way to make MLM work, so we went looking for answers.

Most people wonder what Mentoring for Free is all about when they first find it. We were certainly part of the "what's the catch?" group.

One day, we found Mentoring for Free. We downloaded and read the free ebook "Success in 10 Steps." It seemed that book was written with us in mind. At last, we understood the "inner secrets" of MLM companies. It was such a relief to realize that our lack of success was not our fault. "Success In 10 Steps" proved that to us. Anyone who is coachable and willing to become a student of the industry can learn the techniques to have success in this business.

I remember the first time we talked with Michael on the phone. He said "I will be your Mentor and we will believe in you until you believe in yourself." He is a man of his word. You always end up at the truth. Michael figures it's easier to just start there.

The team at Mentoring for Free helps us work daily on personal improvement, developing new skills, and learning about online and offline resources that you can use to build your business. Each week there are calls to help us grow. Everyone we meet here becomes a friend and part of this big family. They help you and you help them. It's how network marketing should work. The Mentoring For Free system helps average people make above average income. Build it correctly, and you will own your life.