Cindy Loewen
MLM Success Story

Manitoba - Rey and I have been married 30 years. We are grain farmers in southern Manitoba, Canada. We love to spend time with our 3 wonderful kids: Chad (about to be married to Kelsey), Derek and Janessa. We love travelling, boating, cycling, camping, and taking cruises.

We owned a trucking company for 13 years. I've been a bank teller for 10 years.

In 2004 and 2005 we had a crop failure. It had been too wet to even put seed in the ground. No seed, no harvest. In the winters of 2004 and 2005, Rey went long distance trucking to pay the bills. I needed to make extra money, but didn't want to work the 9-5. I wanted to work flexible hours, be home with the kids, attend their activities, take holidays when we wanted, and be available on the farm.

I saw a newspaper ad: "Make $5000.00/month returning phone calls." I love talking on the phone. $5000.00 a month was great. Sounded easy. That is the day my network marketing began.

But guess what? It wasn't that easy. Network Marketing is like farming. You have to seed before you harvest. It takes time for that seed to grow. But with cultivation, care, rain, and sunshine there will be a harvest.

I joined several companies, spent a lot of money on leads and advertising. I had downloaded the ebook "Success in 10 Steps", in March 2006, but never read it. I struggled for a year. I didn't know how to train people who joined me. I didn't know how to mentor, motivate or lead a team.

I read the Mentoring For Free website. I didn't believe Michael Dlouhy would really mentor me, that he would teach me and my downline to do this business. In March 2007, I finally read "Success in 10 Steps", and went on my first conference call. It clicked. I knew I had found a mentor and a proven, duplicatable system, step-by-step instructions that anyone can do.

I learned how to evaluate a company, how to be a critical thinker, how to generate my own leads for free, how to call leads, how and where to advertise, personal development, how to identify my prospects by personality.

Best of all, Mentoring for Free is a network marketing family, a safe place where people open up and share their struggles & their past, with no judgment from anyone. When I joined, I didn't believe in myself. When Michael said he'd believe in me until I believed in myself, it gave me hope that I could be successful.

To have the harvest I want in MLM, I needed to get the weeds out of my mind. That negataivity and low self-esteen had to go. I learned to paint new pictures in my mind, of who I want to be, and what success looks like to me. Now I speak my future into reality. It takes focus and persistence and faith. You have to believe it before you can see it. I know that if you plant corn, you will harvest corn. And if you plant good seeds in your mind by reading good books and getting together with like-minded positive people, then you will reap a great harvest.

Network Marketing is not about the money - it's about people. Build people and then the people will build the business. Even if we would never make any money in this businesses, we're growing and becoming the people we were meant to be, and we're helping others grow into leaders.