Jennifer Wideman
MLM Success Story

I was introduced to network marketing a few years ago. He did not have to tell me twice. ìYou mean I can use and share this product and possibly never have to work again? I worked so very hard, even with 4 kids under the age of 6 at the time. My husband was such a great support. However, my upline talked me into ì2 more dealsî, tried for a third and I said thereís gotta be a better way.

I went to the internet and bought an ebook. I asked for help, joined their team because they would sell me leads, teach me how to convert those leads, and at least Iíd have real people interested. That's a long story, but the outcome was a great learning experience. I am still reaping the benefits of the relationships I built there. I cold-called 350 leads or more, converted a few, and learned how to talk to people much better than I had. I also spent a good bit of money without much in return. The leads dried up, the leader moved on to selling other information products and I was told "Good-bye, good luck."

One of my associates in that organization stumbled across an ebook called Success in 10 Steps and thought I'd like it, so she sent it to me by email. I didnít read it right away. I called the person I got it from and asked lots of questions. "Just read the book." She wouldn't tell me what company she was in, just assured me this group of people could help me.

And it has. Many people in the Mentoring For Free family have helped me realize that I truly can do anything through education and teamwork. My husband, Terry, is the most incredible person in the world. He has stayed with the kids, taken over when he comes home from his job, supported me even when there was no money coming in yet. HE is the real reason I am so successful. My own incredible team also inspire me to be a better person every day. I give God full credit for putting it all together on my behalf as my primary business partner.

We have 4 beautiful kids, 3 adopted from Liberia, Africa. I want to go back with lots of food, medicine, Limu, Bibles, school supplies regularly to this little country and help other children and their parents.

The Success In 10 Steps ebook and the Mentoring For Free group are helping make this dream a reality.